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"yoga science"

Definition #1 for "yoga science"

A type of research contract, research project or government pilot project created and designed to explore and unite the discipline of yoga with science and to collaborate, collate, educate, experiment, explore, test, trial and prove the effect of yoga on the physical body, mind, mental health and well-being of an individual, collective or group including exploring the use and effect of yoga within employment, government, business and other necessary and vital systems and environments within society using various disciplines of science, technology, yoga and other necessary and vital connections to organizations within the public sector, private sector, voluntary sector, yoga classes, yoga practitioners and yoga teachers using quantitative, qualitative and verifiable case study, data, evidence, facts, feasibility study, yoga practice, statistics and research.


Definition #2 for "yoga science"

The numerical value of yoga science in Chaldean Numerology is: 1


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