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"united nations sustainable development goals"

Definition #1 for "united nations sustainable development goals"

A list of universal goals created by the united nations mapped into a number of specific targets that aim to transform the world, develop, improve, integrate and transform the lives of every animal, human being and system on the planet and focuses on achievement for the benefit of all on the planet, social equality, social inclusion, social integration, social justice, sustainable consumption, development and production, sustainable economic growth and job creation, sustainable and affordable housing, sustainable development goals funding, implementation, planning and review, the creation of world peace, human rights, justice, transparent government and governance and respect for humanity, the environment and planet earth that apply to every country and government in the world, are used and advertised by every country, college, business, company, government, organization, school, university and system in society in every country in the world.


Definition #2 for "united nations sustainable development goals"

The numerical value of united nations sustainable development goals in Chaldean Numerology is: 5


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