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[pir-i-dok -seen, -sin]

Definition #1 for "pyridoxine"

A derivative of pyridine found in fish, liver, cereals and yeast that is essential for the metabolism of amino acids and starch.


Definition #2 for "pyridoxine"

The 4-methanol form of VITAMIN B 6 which is converted to PYRIDOXAL PHOSPHATE which is a coenzyme for synthesis of amino acids, neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine), sphingolipids, aminolevulinic acid. Although pyridoxine and Vitamin B 6 are still frequently used as synonyms, especially by medical researchers, this practice is erroneous and sometimes misleading (EE Snell; Ann NY Acad Sci, vol 585 pg 1, 1990).


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