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"national careers service website"

Definition #1 for "national careers service website"

A type of website created by a form of regional or national government that empowers and connects citizens, employers, job centre employees, individuals, schools, colleges, universities, public, private and voluntary sector organizations, funding providers, funding agencies, training providers, educational providers, career related organizations and other relevant organizations with the ability to create a digital careers service, create a user account, upload job profiles with visual images, chat online to a careers adviser, complete a skills health check, enable service user feedback and website design and redesign, apply for government funding, connect to other organizations to create innovative career, apprenticeship, mentoring, education, training or employment projects, support to get a job, work or employment, career pathway information, information and guidance on education, employment, life skills, employment skills, other skills, qualifications, training, e-application form, employer employment creation projections and expansion plans and other necessary and vital information, hyperlink, online services and connections.


Definition #2 for "national careers service website"

The numerical value of national careers service website in Chaldean Numerology is: 9


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