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"job centre flexible support fund"

Definition #1 for "job centre flexible support fund"

A type of budget, fund and funding created for each specific job centre for the purpose of allocating funding to provide a wide range of innovative and flexible support for job seekers, with the job seeker applying for the funding and providing data, evidence and facts to justify their specific support, supported by a job centre flexible support fund coordinator if needed, funding may include childcare costs, interview clothing, specific equipment, reasonable expenses to keep a person in employment rather than receive a government benefit, travel expenses or provide funding to local innovative partnership projects related to apprenticeships, social enterprise, mentoring, employment motivation, confidence building, employment skills, life skills, budget and financial management, sports projects related to employment skills, volunteering, innovative work experience projects, workplace accessibility, employment creation, access to work projects and various other reasonable requests that meet the job centre flexible support fund guidance that will empower a government benefit claimant with the ability, confidence, motivation, skills and support to achieve a specific type of job, job description, job person specification, apprenticeship, skill level, skill match, training, qualifications, work or employment.


Definition #2 for "job centre flexible support fund"

The numerical value of job centre flexible support fund in Chaldean Numerology is: 1


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