"heavy rain"

Definition #1 for "heavy rain"

Heavy Rain is an action-adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as a PlayStation 3-exclusive and was released in February 2010.


Definition #2 for "heavy rain"

Heavy Rain is an interactive video game published by Quantic Dream about a child kidnapped by a serial killer known as ?The Origami Killer.? The player takes control of four different characters with a vested interest in the case: Ethan Mars, the father of the kidnapped child; Madison Paige, a journalist who gets close with Ethan; Scott Shelby, a private detective searching for the Origami Killer; and Norman Jayden, an FBI detective sent to track down the killer. The game is largely cinematic, with the player mostly controlling where their character moves, and action sequences utilizing quick-time events. The ending of the game changes depending on the player?s choices and success or failure at certain challenges in the game. Though the game received favorable reviews, some technical issues led it to be parodied online.


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