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"governmental SDG framework"

Definition #1 for "governmental SDG framework"

A type of framework document created by a form of local, regional or national government in partnership and consultation where appropriate with citizens, employees and management from organizations within the public sector, private sector, voluntary sector and philanthropy, focusing on the local, regional and national framework for the creation, awareness, education, management, integration, delivery and implementation of SDG campaigns, SDG implementation plans, SDG partnerships, governmental SDG funding and the creation of a governmental department with the necessary and vital employees, equipment, funding, IT database and IT systems, knowledge, skills, technology, role, responsibility, understanding and mechanisms for the collation, funding allocation, monitoring and review of local, regional or national data, investment, funding and implementation of the UN sustainable development goals.


Definition #2 for "governmental SDG framework"

The numerical value of governmental SDG framework in Chaldean Numerology is: 7


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