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"governmental SDG department"

Definition #1 for "governmental SDG department"

A type of local, regional or national government department created for the purpose of administering, mapping, consulting, evaluating, collating, collaborating, integrating, monitoring and reviewing all aspects of the governmental SDG advertisement campaigns, budget, case study, checks and balances, consultation, data, evidence, facts, framework, fund, funding applications, implementation plan, research and statistics with the necessary and vital budget, computers, computer systems, employment contracts, equipment, fittings, fixtures, furniture, human resources, IT systems, job descriptions, job person specifications, knowledge management systems, mechanisms, methodology, office location, server, software, technology and other necessary and vital resources as required to meet their role and responsibilities.


Definition #2 for "governmental SDG department"

The numerical value of governmental SDG department in Chaldean Numerology is: 3


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