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"gender pay legislation"

Definition #1 for "gender pay legislation"

A form of local, regional or national government law and legislation created to ensure all public sector, private sector and voluntary sector organizations who employ over a specific amount of employees must record and submit the data, evidence and facts in the format of a report in relation to each part of their employee and apprenticeship employment contract or terms and conditions of employment pay details including basic pay amount before deductions, pay structures, employee sex, employee leave entitlement, holiday entitlement, employee allowances, pay band, pay grades, hourly rates of pay, piecework pay rates, shift premium, employee incentives, bonus payments, bonus scheme, bonus criteria, relevant pay period and other specific necessary and vital data outlined in the law and legislation to ensure all employees have pay equality, equal opportunities and comply with the universal declaration of human rights, human rights law and legislation, the rule of law, justice, equality and transparency and the gender pay report must be submitted online to a specific part of the government website by a specific date at specific times and be accessible in a format to ensure members of the public can view and download the report and where necessary published on their organizational website also.


Definition #2 for "gender pay legislation"

The numerical value of gender pay legislation in Chaldean Numerology is: 7


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