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"free press"

Definition #1 for "free press"

a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology


Definition #2 for "free press"

The professionally experienced, trained, skilled and qualified people with the roles and responsibilities of journalists, editors, newspapers, magazines, press organizations, media organizations, broadcasting organizations, public relations organizations and the variety of businesses, companies, enterprises, organizations and entities created to provide open, transparent, honest and just journalism, editorial, media, press, public relations services and communication of data, evidence, facts, research and information to citizens within a society, country or internationally, hold the government and all governmental procedures, processes, structures and systems to account for their role and responsibilities and policies, with the legal and moral role and responsibility to act, operate and self-regulate independent of government, employ professionally able, experienced, qualified, skilled and trained employees and provide their services based on the fundamental universal declaration of human rights, human rights, the rule of law, justice, integrity, honesty and transparency.


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