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Definition #1 for "aeromobile"

AeroMobile Communications Limited is a UK-based GSM service provider for the aviation industry. AeroMobile provides technology and services that enable airline passengers to use their own mobile phones for voice, texting and mobile data while inflight. As part of the Panasonic Group’s Global Communication Suite, AeroMobile services are available for installation either at the point of aircraft manufacture or on aircraft in service across both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Since 2008 over 17 million passengers have connected to the AeroMobile network in flight. Passengers can use AeroMobile services onboard selected Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, SAS, Transaero and Virgin Atlantic flights. Kevin Rogers was announced as AeroMobile’s new CEO in March 2013. Previously Head of Revenue Development, Rogers joined AeroMobile in February 2008 from Telenor, where he was previously Director and Vice President of Group Marketing.


Definition #2 for "aeromobile"

A type of technology that enables the use of a variety of different types of mobile phone, computer, broadband or WIFI connectivity and usage while the user is inflight or in an aircraft.


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