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"access to employment innovation project"

Definition #1 for "access to employment innovation project"

A type of local or regional project created, mapped, delivered and implemented by partnership working between employees from organizations in the public sector, private sector and voluntary sector to innovatively provide a range of employment, education, careers and training related advise, guidance, funding, support and specific innovative services based on potential project user survey data, evidence and facts and job centre claimant data, government job match website, government skill match website, government apprenticeship match website data, evidence and facts that demonstrate the need for local or regional funding and services that will benefit government benefit claimants, citizens and inhabitants of a specific local or regional geographical area to ensure they can access the skills, school, college, university, education, qualifications, incentives, MOOC courses, training certification, childcare provision, training courses, volunteering opportunities, work experience placements, mentoring opportunities, careers advise, career pathway information, skills health check, life skills, budget and financial management skills and other types of funding and service provision based on the collated data, evidence and facts to empower them to secure the employment, job, work or form of self-employment they aspire to achieve, funded by a combination of funding from the public sector, private sector, voluntary sector, philanthropy, transparent donations and citizen income.


Definition #2 for "access to employment innovation project"

The numerical value of access to employment innovation project in Chaldean Numerology is: 3


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